Life moves so fast that it has become necessary to spare some time for good health and fitness. Whereas some individuals still think that the best way to stay healthy is to eat well, the impact of a good workout can’t be ignored. Apart from staying fully fit, simple body exercises help relieve the body from stress, making you more efficient. Doing simple stretching practice before bed keeps your body fit and increases the chances of having a peaceful sleep.

Having a healthy back contributes volumes

Having a healthy back contributes volumes to the strength of your body. This is why back stretching exercises should be high on your list before going to bed. Try lying down straight on the floor for around 5 minutes to keep the backbone healthy. Lying on your stomach while as you move your head back is recommended before bed. Please keep your hands on the bedroom floor since they are the only support available while doing this exercise. Doing neck stretches will help in keeping your head relaxed. To perform neck stretching exercises correctly, sit straight and move your head from shoulder to shoulder.

Basic Stretching Routine Before Bed

It’s recommended that you also slowly bend your head back and forth for a few minutes. The lower part of the body shouldn’t be ignored in the stretching routine. Legs can be stretched by sitting straight on the bedroom floor and bringing your head down to your knees while holding them down with your hands. This “seated forward bend” is beneficial to the whole body, making it a must-do before bed. The “baby stretch” is equally important and easy to do because it doesn’t require much athleticism.

To do this correctly, get down on your knees as you sit on your heels. The next step is to put your forehead as well as arms straight on the bedroom floor. Relax as you hold your breath in the same position for about 5 minutes. You can stretch several other ways before going to bed, but almost anyone can do the ones mentioned above.