Doing static stretches has no harm and is actually helpful to athletes, other sport men. Athletes are the ones who are more prone to injuries, to reduce trauma, they should engage themselves in more of static and dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretches are those that are done to prepare a muscle to move. Static stretches are those that one moves a part of the body like the arm, thigh to a point that they can’t tolerate more action.

Then they hold at that position

Then they hold at that position for a period of time, like 20-60 seconds. The time of holding depends on some factors like age, injury. The elderly should hold for longer period of time than the teenagers. The different times of holding will be effective to the different age groups. Before commencing your daily routine of exercising, you can start by doing stretches then continue with the workout. Static stretching has its benefits like, it increases flexibility, increases the range of motion, reduces muscle soreness, increased fluid movement, reduces chances of trauma, prohibits the soft tissues not to assimilate greater energy in less duration and also helps the muscles, joints to be more relaxed.

Better results for static stretching after an exercise

It is more significant after performing an activity because at this time, the muscles, ligaments, joints are in a good position to accommodate lengthening. Examples of such expanses includes hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, posterior capsule stretch. When executing each round, you should hold that position for 30-60 seconds. Pain nor any discomfort is not supposed to be felt, when any of this is experienced, stop instantly if possible consult a medical practitioner or a physician.

Field participants like the gymnasts require more flexibility to accomplish their sport, doing static stretches will be of more benefit to them. An injury may occur and it doesn’t mean that when you stretch you are free from any trauma. Its just that stretching reduces the amount of getting trauma.