Sitting for long hours especially in offices may lead to tremendous weight gain. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2020, regular exercises are essential in maintaining a flexible as well as manageable body weight. Taking some walks during tea-break as well as lunch-break can make your body active. Performing yoga daily in your office helps stretch muscles of the neck, legs, thigh muscles as well as that of the stomach.

Waste can be stretched by spreading

Waste can be stretched by spreading your legs as you put hands on it. Start stooping to the front without moving or curving your legs, bend to the furthest forward as well as to the backwards for about three minutes, stretching to the maximum bend. Forward as well as backward bending can be done for two minutes.

Body Stretching Exercise

Put your legs about 70 centimeters apart and bend to touch your toes with both hands. Repeat the exercise to all directions until you feel thigh tissues being strained. Sit on the floor and slightly spread your legs in an open area such as a field. Let each hand hold your legs, yet keeping your back upright, Germer, 2009. Keep holding the legs for about five minutes or until you feel arm muscles, thigh muscles and back muscles straining.

A rope tied to a steady object such as a wall or a tree trunk helps in body stretching. Having gloves on your hand to avoid the rope hurting your hands, pull the rope while your legs are steady on the ground until you feel the joints of your hands clicking. Place one of your legs on the wall, and continue pulling the rope for about five minutes. Change the position of the other leg and continue with pulling. According to Redefining Strength 2020, twisting your hands on your back as you stretch your shoulders to all sides also helps. Lying flat on a table as well as on a ground improves stretching. Press-ups are as well are a good body stretching exercise.