Most think that the taller, the better as people try out different ways to attain a certain desired height. Typically, growth halts at the age of 18 to 20, and past that age bracket, it so unlikely that anyone will gain any height. Attaining your desired height after the age of 20 can be challenging as there are no proven ways that any type of exercise helps in height increase after this age.

The only time you can change

The only time you can change your height before it reaches its maximum potential is when you are below 18 years. After the growth plates have shut, there is no chance of further height increase in both males and females.

Growing After 18 By Stretching Exercise

Despite being speculations that certain types of exercise or stretches can increase height, there is no evidence of this. Various factors affect how far you can grow and the first-factor nutrition before the age of 18 or 20. Lack of proper nutrition to facilitate maximum growth can harm a child. Proper nutrition and feeding habits will help your body grow to its maximum potential by the time the growth plates close. Nutrition during pregnancy also affects the final child’s height, so it’s important to stick to good nutrition before a baby is born.

Genes also affect how tall you will get by the time you get to 18 or 20. They are the ones responsible for almost everyone’s height. Hormones in the body can affect how tall a person can get. Many worries that exercise or weight lifting will limit their potential growth if done at a young age. This is often not the case as there is no evidence to prove this. However, a person should exercise too much causing nutrients to be used in growing other parts of the body other than the parts responsible for height gain.