Several studies have shown that stretching can increase your predetermined height by up to six inches. Women from Karen tribe in Thailand have necks reaching up to 15 inches in length. While it is not in their genes, these women traditionally wear brass coils around their necks. They gradually increase the number of these coils over time to lengthen their necks. The throwing arm of a baseball pitcher grows longer than the other arm because of stretching. Increasing body height by stretching requires hard work, discipline, and perseverance.

Straightening the spine is one way

Straightening the spine is one way in which stretching increases height in individuals. The spine, being an elastic organ that can stretch to increase its length. The best time to achieve a considerable increment in length is early morning after at least eight hours of sleep. A good amount of sleep in a horizontal position relieves the spine from the pressure brought upon it by the head, making it more flexible. Proper stretching also develops the vertebral cartridges, which lengthens the spine.

How Stretching Increase Your Predetermined Height?

Another way by which stretching increases height is by increasing production of growth hormone. As we grow old, our bodies decrease production of growth hormone, inhibiting height increase. Regular stretching exercise restores production of this hormone, which can add four to six inches to your height. Athletes to stretch and massage their knees regularly because they are capable of expanding when stretched. When joints expand, there is a resultant increase in height. Regular stretching will also give you a proper posture that will make you appear even taller than you are. Another advantage of stretching is achieving physical fitness which gives an aura of confidence.

There are many reasons for striving to become taller. Whether you want to become an athlete, to enroll in a modeling career, or to boost your self-confidence, make a good stretching routine and perform it regularly. You will prove that stretching increases your predetermined height, regardless of your age.