Human bodies are full of muscles that play an important role in the general functioning of the physiological system. Stretching is mainly done to help bodies become flexible as well as improve the overall performance. Flexible muscles should be withstanding as well as healthy to support the body. There are procedures that should be followed before engaging in stretching activities. Muscles need to be warmed up before stretching them because at rest they are contracted. An exercise or a workout can make blood to flow to the organs hence warming them up. Engaging body tissues without a warm up may cause an injury to tissues.

Body stretching should be done daily

Body stretching should be done daily as it is beneficial to a healthy life. A lack of stretching may cause constriction of tissues or tissues being pulled together. To improve joint movement, stretching is done to enable a balance of muscles around the joints. In addition to flexibility, stretching helps to improve body posture as well as reducing anxiety or managing stress. Strong and healthy muscles help in body coordination as well as supporting gait. Blood flow to all parts of the body is enhanced during stretching. Backache as well as stomach painful contractions can be alleviated by stretching.

Importance of Stretching

Exercises may be as strenuous as causing pain to various body parts. Stretching is the best medicine for relieving post-exercise body aches. As much as stretching is beneficial, it should not be overdone to the extent of the body feeling pain after stretching. Pain may be a sign of an injury to some tissues, and a physician should be consulted about it. Gradual stretching has the best results since a quick stretch causes constriction instead of relaxion.

Better results i.e. flexibility, improved blood flow, calmed mind, manageable stress, improved body posture as well as good body coordination can be attained by following a precise timetable for stretching and exercises.