Full-body stretches are highly important ways of putting our body back into optimal physical shape and functions. People who perform highly physical activities are often seen carrying out these routines. The importance of these routines are for good postures, to reduce muscular injuries, for easier motion, reducing stress, easing pain after exercises and to reduce muscle sores. This routine is often done before bedtime and early after one wakes.

Although these stretches can be a

Although these stretches can be a bit hard for newbies, there are simple stretch routines for beginners, and these routines also come with their effects on the bodies of those who perform them. It is important to know that when doing full stretch routines, you should channel a stretch to a major muscle per time. These routines include: calf stretching, leg swinging, neck circling, upper-back stretching.

Simple full body stretch routines for beginners

For calf stretching, calf muscles are stretched by standing against a support, it could be walls, chairs or tall tables, one leg is put before another with your two feet kept flat to the ground. Let your front knee be bent towards support, as the back of the knee behind is kept straight with both feet flat to the ground, this should continue until a gentle stretch is felt on the calf muscle at the back of each leg.

Leg swinging is done to stretch hip muscles, glutes and inside your thighs. It is usually done by placing your feet shoulder-wide and swinging your leg one after another before your body. This action should be done starting with little swings first till your muscle loosens. Neck circling is for stretching the muscles of your neck, it is done by putting your chin towards your chest, then tilting your neck till you feel it stretch towards each side, but before doing this, ensure you are sitting comfortably. Upper-back stretching is done by sitting on a chair, with your back straight while your knees plus ankles are aligned, then you twist to each side of the chair while holding it.