Running is a physical exercise that helps build strong bones and does not cost a lot like other exercises. It can be done for fun, it can be in races or in local running clubs. For you to start running as a routine, if a runner is old, has a long-term disease, consult with your doctor, so they can study your body and give guidance according to what is best for your body. If you have an underlying medical condition that will put your body at risk while being physically active, helps in decision-making.

Before running, do aerobic exercises to

Before running, do aerobic exercises to help loosen your muscles, you can jog slowly or even cycle. This makes you feel energised before the start of the run so you can run for longer. Walking is helpful to those who had an injury and are coming back to run, it enhances blood flow to the muscles that are needed for running. Running prepares the body of similar actions that it will go through when running. Static stretching is like when you stretch and hold the muscle for 30 minutes to help you run efficiently by improving blood flow.

Stretches done before running

Stretches done before running should focus on the muscles that are to be used, skipping is another exercise that is done before running. Butt kicks are done by walking forward as you draw your heel to the butt, do this exercise repeatedly 10 times on each side of the leg, helps to stretch the glutes. Exercising the legs and knee helps to give balance at the start of the run.

This helps maintain a healthy weight, with the right stretches and runs, this will be achieved easily. Do not run because of the general health benefit it brings to the body, run because of the benefits it will bring to your body because running will help achieve a body goal.