Among the most difficult exercises to know are splits which need plenty of practice to be good at it. They require flexibility from lower parts of the body as well as good movement. Stretching your body can help your muscles prepare well for splits. The following exercises can be done.

Low lunge posture which stretches pelvic

Low lunge posture which stretches pelvic area, glutes and hamstrings lets tension from your hips to gradually go away while performing it. Stand forward bend is another stretch which prepares the body for side splits, it is done by touching the toes with your hands. Lying on your back helps in relaxing and opening leg muscles for side splits. Ensure that your legs are kept straight plus hips positioned to improve flexibility. The lizard posture stretch is good for hips, glutes as well as hamstrings. It is achieved by raising the back of your leg or lowering your knee back.

Stretches to prepare for Splits

The pigeon pose helps in widening the hips for middle and side splits by removing tension around there. Ensure that hips are positioned properly plus the back leg right behind you. In addition, when preparing for middle splits, frog pose is best as it gradually stretches thigh muscles. Another exercise is straddle stretch done by seating down with legs opened sideways as wide as you can. The butterfly stretch which is done by letting your feet to touch each other before you when seated down, then lowering your knees to slowly while raising your chest and relaxing the shoulders.

Therefore, it is necessary to stretch your body first before doing any splits especially when you are not naturally flexible. These stretching exercises will help in preparing your muscles for the splits and prevent injuries. Flexibility is a gradual process so a person should take their time in achieving through warming up to avoid hurting themselves. Love your body and take good care of it through proper exercises.