Stretching is a kind of activity in which we engage ourselves that is different from the main business of exercise. It is meant to affect the muscles, the joints, and other places involved in the movement of the body. Stretching is of many types and each of them has a peculiar way by which it affects the human system. Athletes like to stretch though there are some doubts about its effectiveness, in fact, some claimed that it makes an athlete perform below his capability.

Dynamic stretching is done to creating

Dynamic stretching is done to creating awareness in your muscles for your intending exercises. If your exercise is to swim, you should look at swinging your arms for flexibility. Stretching arms or shoulders is a good way to get ready for boxing. In essence, it is getting your muscles ready for the exercises. The best dynamic stretch to do before weightlifting is arm swing.

Stretching before and after Gym

Stand to keep your back at a straight position while swinging the two arms in a round motion for as long as you can. This can be continued for few minutes before the exercise proper. It is much better to practice static stretching after your exercises to relieve pains, and work on tensions incurred during exercise. Apart from that, static stretching is said to bring athlete’s breathing rate to normal. Stretching of your biceps and triceps can help to ease pressure on your arms after lifting weight.

There is a procedure for it. Stand in a straight manner with your legs slightly spaced out, then one of your hands is raised towards heaven and then, you withdraw your forearm, keep it behind your head, slightly below your head. You will try to maintain this pose until you are comfortable before you try another arm. These described stretches are not supposed to be painful, in fact, they are meant to relieve pains caused by micro-tears and wears that occurred during weightlifting/gym.