Exercise is an activity people perform with their bodies to enable them to activate their body systems. Daily exercise can shape our bodies the way we want them to be and also help us to stay out of sickness. Exercise seems to be a regular activity to those who are fond of it, although some only exercise for a particular purpose. It could be to reduce body weight and size or to increase in height, etc. To overcome short heights, all the techniques below can be practiced as they are all channeled towards helping anyone to slightly get taller.

One technique to get taller is

One technique to get taller is to avoid prolonged sitting postures. It is an obvious fact that sitting for a long time can affect people’s height. Most abnormalities in the spine result from prolonged periods of sitting, which tend to affect body growth. To increase in height in this situation, you have to periodically lie on the floor with your back on the ground, then lift your right and left legs towards your head. It is effective in stretching leg joints including hip joints which compress as a result of long periods of sitting.

Stretching Exercises To Get Taller

Hanging and Side-Twisting are another effective stretching exercise for anyone who wishes to get taller. In hanging, both hands firmly grab a strong metal shaft fastened on two supports, above the ground. This technique suspends the entire body, stretching all the joints that connect most parts of the body. The entire bones that connect to these joints are stretched as well.

A side-twist helps in stretching people’s spines, which can contract overtime if periodic exercise is not implemented. This pattern involves standing firmly, then twisting the upper part of your body while supporting your waist with both hands. Other stretching exercise patterns to get taller exist, but those listed here are very effective.