There are several ways to effectively stretch such as wushu, ballistic, dynamic among others. Stretching is meant for relaxing after a long day at work, some do it just to enjoy being flexible. You could begin by sitting upright, reaching your hand above your head, and extending them. With your feet together when standing, bend forward, try and touch your toes, bringing your head closer to your knees. Relax your shoulders, move it side to side while still bent forward, try to create small circles with your head.

Slowly and carefully stand up, your

Slowly and carefully stand up, your body is treated like one when stretching. Do a half head roll side to side, for a count of five, make a similar move of drawing circles with your head. Stand with your legs apart, like you have a tiny puddle in between your legs, with hands on your waist, bend side to side. Swinging also helps movements like a hula hoop whether you have one physically or not.

Stretching in an effective way

Roll your shoulders back, then roll them forward. Prevent pain by being careful, if the move feels a bit too much, do not do the stretch. A person could stretch by holding their hands in from their body like they are handing out an object, then bend their elbows toward their face one at a time. Keep your arm straight for a while longer than you normally can to stretch effectively.

Static and dynamic stretches are also effective when looking for ways to just enjoy exercise after or just before bed. You could sit on your bed and try to reach for your toes, enjoy the feeling of being able to relax. Sit with your feet far apart, until you feel a strain in your legs. Allow your body to become part of the pain and enjoy every bit of stretching. Stretching, as long as it makes a change in how you feel, will work.