Body stretching serves a different purpose from that of exercising in humans. Exercises help in reducing, maintaining as well as managing body weight and health. Stretching is done to enhance body flexibility and the target is muscles. Both stretching and exercising activities are beneficial to human bodies. Medical doctors as well as physicians encourage regular exercises as well as stretching.

Performing exercises may require longer time

Performing exercises may require longer time to complete as stretching may need. Riding bicycles for instance, might need to cover one kilometer that can require more than five minutes to finish. Stretching activity requires a warm up that might be an exercise, before starting the actual stretching. This is because body tissues require to be supplied with blood to warm them up. When bodies are rest, the muscles are contracted, and commencing a stretching activity might cause an injury to the muscles. A warm up allows the tissues to relax and make it easier for stretching.

Stretching is not an exercise

Apart from flexibility, stretching helps to relieve body stress or anxiety. During stretching, blood flows to all parts of the body leading to the heightened brain functioning as well as refreshment. After exercises, the body may feel aches or pain that weakens it. Stretching can help alleviate the post-exercise aches, cramps as well as back pain through relaxing body tissues.

Your body builds strong, yet healthy muscles through regular as well as consistent stretching. Strong muscles can coordinate movement because they attach firmly to the bones. In keeping physical posture, stretching plays an important role by straightening stiff muscular tissues. As part of exercise, stretching gradually burns more calories as not expected. Engaging in stretching activity might be dangerous if not properly done. Injuries can be avoided through stretching slowly, and best results can be attained by committing to a stretch schedule for weeks or months.